Canada is one of the most popular countries for immigration. It has been ranked # 1 country globally for the quality of life that it provides. It is no wonder that Canada annually attracts nearly 300,000 new immigrants every year. This industrialized nation is the world's tenth-largest economy. Attractive job opportunities and a highly safe environment make it top options for the newcomers.

Why Migrate to Canada?

  • With a GDP of 1.7 trillion, the Canadian economy stands the strongest in the world.
  • The unemployment rate is one of the lowest that provides qualified employees with varied job opportunities.
  • The banking sector has been voted as the most stable globally by the World Economic Forum.
  • With the second-highest level of living of all the G20 Countries, Canadians enjoy a decent life quality.
  • The healthcare system is one of the most reasonable and affordable methods which is accessible globally. It provides the entire family with some of the most supportive social security benefits.
  • Canada has been awarded 9.7 out of 10 for safety and security by the OECD Better Life Index.
  • Canadian PR holders are eligible for citizenship if they meet all eligibility requirements. Permanent residents can sponsor relatives other than family members.
  • According to the Global Passport Power ranking system, the Canadian passport is ranked number 4 among the top 20 most strong passports worldwide. A Canadian holder of a passport can enjoy visa-free travel to 114 nations around the world.
  • The country provides enormous opportunities for trade and personal development.
  • Canada has a well-designed social system to aid immigrants who struggle to find a job or have recently lost one. Sectors like IT, Aerospace, Real Estate, Hospitality, Tourism, Automobile, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing industries provide immigrants with various opportunities to work in Canada.


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